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War Dogs: Churchill and Rufus by Kathryn Selbert (Audio Book)
Grim Dawn by Crate Entertainment - (ARPG Video Game)
Embers of Caerus by Forsaken Studios - (MMO Video Game)
Centration by Angry Engineers - (MMO Video Game)
LlamaLAN series of animations by Matthew Ainge (Character Voice Over, Multiple Roles)
'Lives of the ...' official series for Machinima (dot) com (Voice Over, 'Sir David Attenborough')

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Greenlight: Video Game and TV Series starting in September

I always get news of some sizeable amount when I'm away from the UK for short periods of time. Not sure if I'm being overly paranoid but perhaps Mr and Mrs. Fate keep a tight watch on me and away to spring things upon me. Ah well, can't and won't complain.

Got the thumbs up on two projects for this year via Canada: Videogame and a TV Series. 20 Cast Members incl. me who'll be the main talent but all will need to do multiple characters. 8 hours and 5-6 days in the studio. TV Series will have 3-4 talents max however. Now I've been contacted by all of 2 actors who live around the area I live in, which is the North West of England. A male and a female. The chap is certainly worth my while though the female doesn't have anything yet for me to see or listen to yet. I still have time to pool my talents here though so it's not a major concern of mine.

It's all good so far, been a long road... but I knew it would be worth it eventually. I kept being told such.

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The hunt begins

So tonight saw the beginning of my forum and other such site search to promote this site. Get some eyes and ears on this domain I've had gathering dust which finally now has a nice gleam to it.

Of course there's work to be done here, as of now the site looks like a mega-blog site. But I'm a resourceful chap for what items I have and as I can't download any modules, themes or packs to this computer to upload to Drupal... I'll use the forums as my 'buttons'. I've got access to skype which is handy for keeping in touch with a few people but at the moment I'm really attempting to draw focus on this website. Gaugue (?!) if people can use it correctly as I intend it to be used... and drink a LOT of coffee... a LOT. Of... COFFEE.

And maybe some more Swedish beer, namely... Falcon. Provided by my Father-In-Law (to be), Thomas. Yay Thomas.

Found some voice artists I'd like to get in touch with, made an attempt at a lad over in the States who has a rather nice selection of voice clips and montages. Good control of his recordings and produces them to a fine effect. I'll see where that gets me even if I just get a reply to the effect of: "Hey..." That would be fine. Right?
Doesn't matter really... so where have I sown my seeds? To which winds have I thrown my monkeys? Where, oh where have I laid the pathways of cookie crumbs and cake to which the munchers shall lay there vision upon my glorious empire?! ... *ahem*

Well let's see now:
Voice Acting Alliance

I believe that's it so far. There were some other sites but they seemed rather dated or completely pointless to leave my gift upon their door. Might check back with them in the future but in the meantime I'll see what happens and what fires may spread through word-of-mouth. Unsure if I want to get involved with Cartoon Dubs but I may get swayed, can't say I'm concrete in my foundation of anti-dub. Would obviously prefer new cartoon projects but won't turn my nose up at contributions in order to bring me on board. Though... fan dubs usually say 'no pay'. So that's a 'No Way!' from me. Heck, I got a family to feed n' all that jazz.

My quest continues, let's see what else I can find out there.

Gabriel Wolf

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